CAA Stellar - CAA Stellar is a world-leading sports agency.
CAA Stellar - CAA Stellar is a world-leading sports agency.


A commitment to excellence begins with a strong understanding of our clients and a 'total management' approach. With their development as our top priority, we equip our clients with all the necessary tools and resources to build successful careers and brands, both on and off the pitch. Our full suite of services cover every stage of an athlete’s career, from signing their first professional contract to post-career planning, making CAA Stellar unrivalled in delivering the best results.

Career Services

Performance Development

Industry-leading data and analysis team

CAA Stellar’s industry-leading data and analysis team produces detailed statistical reports and video analysis to ensure our clients are equipped with all the necessary tools to reach their potential and perform to the best of their abilities.

Contract Negotiation

Setting the standard

With more than 25 years of experience, CAA Stellar sets the standard for contract negotiation.

Whether a client is signing their first professional contract, extending their current deal, renegotiating due to performance, or entering negotiations ahead of a potential transfer, CAA Stellar has unparalleled experience in managing complex contractual negotiations that ensure our clients maximise their value.


Elite-level expertise and experience

In the summer and winter months, a highly competitive transfer market dominates the football headlines. Fast-paced negotiations mean small windows for clubs to bolster their squads and for players to further their careers.

Our expertise in navigating the market is unmatched. With specialists in every region and a network of relationships spanning all major leagues and teams, we secure the best moves for our clients.

Wellness and Mental Health

The leading experts in every area

Peak performance demands meticulous attention to focus, planning, and detail, especially in an era where competition is intense. The pressure and demands—both physical and mental—significantly impact performance outcomes. Recognizing this, CAA Stellar refers clients to top-tier experts across various domains crucial for enhancing athletic performance, spanning from nutrition to specialized training programs, recovery techniques, and mental coaching.

Moreover, we acknowledge the profound influence of mental health on professional athletes today. In an environment characterized by heightened social media exposure, athletes often face online abuse, which can detrimentally affect their well-being. To address this, we engage closely with agents and families, equipping athletes with the necessary resources and strategies to safeguard their mental health and withstand potential abuse.


Looking to the future

CAA Stellar is experienced in securing a wide range of opportunities for our clients even after their playing careers have ended. Our dedicated commercial team maximizes opportunities with iconic and emerging brands and with more than 20 years of experience working with major broadcasters and media outlets, our team of broadcasting agents help secure opportunities across all networks and platforms.

Brand Services


Building your brand

Our in-house commercial team create bespoke off-the-field strategies that help our clients build their brands. By maintaining strong relationships with the biggest and most influential companies in the world, CAA Stellar is best placed to secure lucrative opportunities for our clients.

We advise iconic and emerging brands, clubs and rights holders on commercial opportunities and partnerships. From trading card, memorabilia and boot deals to national and global brand ambassador deals, our team ensures that CAA Stellar clients can capitalise on their success and maximize their earning potential.

Social & Digital

Creating a narrative

Fan engagement plays a huge role in creating a client's narrative and building their brand. Our first-in-class social and digital team work with our clients to develop and deliver a strategy that represents their identity in an authentic way. Key services include account management, verification, content creation, graphic design and video editing.

Our team engages with all social media platforms, clubs, brands and governing bodies to ensure clients maximise value through social media. We also advise, protect, and educate our clients on social media best practices to ensure they use their platforms responsibly.

PR & Media

Maximizing your image

The pace of digitalisation in the past decade has increased the exposure of the modern athlete to levels never before seen.  While this exposure gives athletes a huge platform to showcase their talents, it also puts them under a microscope of opinions held by the media, their fans, and the general public.

Our team works closely with our athletes to build and maximise their image potential while educating them on the best use of their platforms to enhance their image and encourage positive engagement.  With an extensive network of connections across broadcast, print, radio and online media, our clients have access to the right channels at every stage of their career.

Legal and Financial

Empowering decisions

While CAA Stellar’s primary focus will be on the pitch performance, it’s vital that off the pitch, a player’s legal and financial affairs remain in order. When approached by clients seeking assistance, CAA Stellar orchestrates referrals to qualified professionals, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support and insights necessary for addressing legal or financial challenges.


Raising awareness

In times of hardship, sports has had the unique ability to unite the world, challenging the status quo and tackling issues such as racial and gender inequality. We support and encourage our athletes to use their platforms, raise awareness and share experiences on the issues they’re passionate about.

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